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The Moon Meadow

Welcome to The Moon Meadow,

My name is Becca and I live in Camrose, Alberta but I grew up in a small town in Northern Alberta.

Growing up on a farm, I always had a love for animals! I also enjoy being creative and staying active.

If I am not home, you'll find me at a Rabbit Show or a Miniature Horse show!

I am a momma to 2 wonderful human children and to many more fur children.

I currently own 26 Miniature Horses, 2 Regular Sized Horses, 7 Goats, 3 Dogs and 7 Sphynx Cats as well as 50 Rabbits!! We certainly have a full house.

I'm so excited to work with Majestic Meadows as a Brand Rep because I truly believe in supporting small businesses.

I love that I have the opportunity to use my creativity to curate a Collection of animal related items that my community can purchase so I can foster a real connection with them, sharing our love of animals.


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