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The Leuzinger Lounge

Marlies Leuzinger
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Hi my name is Marlies Leuzinger and I am from Northern British Columbia, Canada.

I live with my parents on our 150 acre Hay Farm just outside Prince George where we also breed Purebred Pugs.

I currently have 3 horses, my main competition mare, Rosé is a Sorrel Appendix Quarter Horse, Soleil is a Palomino Quarter Horse and this will be her first competition year and Buddy is my semi-retired Rope horse who is a Sorrel Quarter Horse gelding.

My hobbies include Barrel Racing, Hiking with my dogs, Skiing and Paddle Boarding.

Earlier this year Majestic Meadows reached out to me and wanted to see if I would like to become a Brand Representative for them, then a month later they asked if they could become one of my sponsors for the 2024 Barrel Racing season!

I am so excited to be a part of the team. Majestic Meadows products come in so many amazing variety of colours and sizes. In my honest opinion their products will most definitely look good on any colour horse or dog.

My BIGGEST accomplishments of 2023 were WINNING The Norcan 3D Open Women’s Barrel Race at the Prince George Rodeo and finishing the year off as a Junior 2D Finalist for BCBRA.

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